MH Sounds: January 2017

2017_01_Jan (1)


This month’s music post is a little late. It took us so long to post because, honestly, we’re sad. We’re ashamed. We’re better than this. We had to recheck the data a few times, do some clean exports, and point a few fingers via Slack. John Mayer was our most listened to artist of January.


John Mayer.

THAT John Mayer?

There are a few stages of grief. It feels like we’ve finally reached acceptance. Maybe not—this isn’t acceptable.

To be fair to the agency, these plays happened in what seems to be an isolated incident that took place one night and was contained to one floor, but we aren’t making excuses. We know it was wrong.


1 – Please still like us. 

2 – The XX Put everything on hold, except for this album. 

3 – The Rolling Stones They were the number 6 played artist for all of 2016, and are holding steady for 2017.

4 – The Weeknd He’s the mother f*ckin starboy and we don’t even mind the typo is his name.  

5 – Hot Chip Whether it’s 2006 or 2017, over and over, we’re ready for the floor.