More Metric Discrepancies for Facebook


Last Friday, Facebook announced measurement errors for the third time in recent months. 

The latest issue reveals there may be miscalculations in counting reactions and shares in Facebook Live as well as the counts when you enter a weblink into the search bar of the Facebook mobile app. While users can react several times to a live video broadcast, Facebook’s Page Insights tool has only been showing one reaction per unique user. 

The news was announced on Friday afternoon (perhaps to avoid significant press coverage) in a Facebook blog post titled, Metrics FYI: Estimated Reach, Streaming Reactions and Graph API.

The WSJ reported in September that Facebook had been overestimating a video-advertising metric for as long as two years in some cases. Then last month, the company revealed it had found four more measurement discrepancies after undertaking an extensive audit of all of its advertising-related data.

We’re guessing there could be some more announcements given their recent trend.