NBA Finals Ratings Hold Strong So Far


Thinking NBA Finals Ratings must be slipping due to the Warriors domination over the Cavs? Well, they aren’t.

The first two games of the 2017 NBA Finals have gone just about the same way as the 2016 NBA Finals – the Warriors have dominated. Some are saying the NBA has never been less competitive. But if you remember last year, the Cavs won the 2016 title.

The lopsided first two games aren’t negatively impacting ratings.

As the Warriors won Game 2 by 19 points, the game earned a 12.7 overnight rating – 8 percent higher than last year’s Game 2.

Cleveland was the top market with a 32.4 rating, which was slightly up over last year. The Bay Area had a 31.1 rating, slightly down from last year.

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