Netflix (Finally) Allows Offline Downloads


Netflix announced last week the ability for users to download content to mobile devices for offline viewing.

The offering will only apply to some Netflix content initially. Looking at the content available at feature launch, the offered catalog is fairly extensive including Netflix originals, TV Shows, and Movies. The company didn’t elaborate on how many programs would become available for download later, saying only that there would be “more on the way.”

The announcement is a pretty big deal to those who consume a lot of content on the move. It could lead to people coming to the service more and spending increased time there as many currently stream over costly cellular data. The new feature is included in all Netflix plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS.

AT&T announced a product along similar lines, DirecTV Now, a television service that can be streamed on mobile devices. AT&T said its cellular customers would be able to watch shows without that usage counting toward their monthly data limits.

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