New website and commercial for Previously Owned By A Gay Man

Yes, this is a real company. Previously Owned By A Gay Man is a curated site where anyone can buy and sell gently used furnishings. It all started with Douglas, a gay man with fabulous taste for selecting items to decorate a room. When it was time for Douglas to redo a space, things were given away or classified homeless.

Not anymore – at previously owned by a gay man, every item gets a second chance to thrive. That vintage Murano glass vase no longer waits patiently on a sidewalk in hopes that someone will notice its true beauty. We love working with Previously Owned By A Gay Man and have recently shot a short film, redesigned their website, and designed their new logo. We’ve also created postcards, matchbooks, and fabric tags for their events and products.

Mom and Dad, I Have Something to Tell You from Previously Owned by a Gay Man on Vimeo.