News Orgs Join To Collectively Negotiate with Google & Facebook


News organizations like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post are teaming up to collectively bargain against Google & Facebook.

The News Media Alliance, a U.S. newspaper trade body, is asking for a limited antitrust exemption from Congress for newspapers to be able to band together to negotiate collectively and attempt to alter the pair’s dominance of the digital advertising industry, the New York Times reports.

Google & Facebook are gaining increasing control over news distribution.

Newspapers that once controlled their relationship with their readers/customers, now have to rely on these big online platforms to get their articles in front of people.

Mark Thompson, the chief executive of The New York Times Company, said: “the temperature is rising in terms of concern and in some cases anger, about what seems like a very asymmetric, disadvantageous relationship between the publishers and the very big digital platforms.”

See the full New York Times article here.