Nielsen Ratings Now Include Hulu & YouTube TV


Nielsen took a step in modernizing its ratings yesterday with the addition of Hulu and YouTube TV to its live ratings.

“This is the first time the biggest digital-first, TV streaming companies have come into the fold in terms of being included in TV ratings,” Nielsen’s President of Product Leadership Megan Clarken said.

The update in a small way reflects shifts in viewership over the last few years. It also comes just a few months after Hulu and YouTube launched their live TV services.

As AdAge notes, “the immediate lift to the commercial ratings in the three and seven days after a program airs, the measures known as C3 and C7, will likely be minimal. That’s because ads in shows seen on Hulu and YouTube will only count if they’re exactly the same as on live TV.”

The change is a positive step towards accurately measuring how viewers consume content in the ever-changing modern landscape. It’s still a long way to go in getting the full picture.