Nike’s Breaking2 Was Pretty Awesome

Nike set a mission to break the 2-hour marathon barrier more than 2 years ago. They’ve created custom shoes, recruited best runners in the world and got them to skip top running circuit events so Nike could create their own event, Breaking2.

The shoes are the Vaporfly Elite, with which Nike aimed to shave minutes off the marathon record time. The record prior to Breaking2 was 2:02:57.

The runners are Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese. Kipchoge is the Kenyan runner who took Gold in the recent Olympic games in Rio.

Nike got the runners to skip the prestigious London and Berlin marathons so they could attempt to break the record early Saturday morning at the Monza Formula One racetrack in Monza, Italy.

Although none of the runners broke the record (Kipchoge came just 25 seconds short), the effort was an impressive success and is being compared to Red Bull’s Stratos.

Breaking2 even drew praise from rival Adidas in a tweet: “Congratulations @EliudKipchoge on such a courageous run.”

Nike says they might have more ‘moonshot’ events like this in the future.

Check out the footage of Breaking2 here.

And see AdWeek’s full story behind the event here.