OMG Figuratively Dead


After a very tumultuous week, people were finally brave enough to venture back into a post-election Facebook.

Only when some users logged in, they realized they were…dead?

In a glitch that affected a large group of Facebook users, including Mark Zuckerberg, an alarming banner appeared at the top of profiles. Zuckerberg’s stated, “We hope people who love Mark will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate his life. Learn more about memorialized accounts and the legacy contact setting on Facebook.”

After taking one’s own pulse, rushing to social media to discuss the bizarre banners, and checking with coworkers to see if they really did exist in the present realm, people started to realize that they weren’t the only ones who were dead according to Facebook.

I wonder how many people took advantage and called into work dead? Because if we’ve learned anything this election season, if it’s on Facebook, it has to be true, right?