Orange Telecommunications visits M/H

OrangeLes Français sont arrivés à MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER!

On the morning of October 8th, more than twenty executives from global telecom giant, Orange, packed into the elevators of 220 Sansome Street and remarked on the enjoyable view from our 16th floor. Our very own Social Media guru, Krystha Barrera and her team, including Alexandra Dacks and Chin Lu, pulled together an Expert’s Guide to Successful Social Media to present to the visiting top executives of the leading European telecom provider.

In an effort to present the most important tenants of a successful social media campaign, we highlighted the internet fame of campaigns such as TSwift ‘Swiftmas’, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Smart Car’s genius “pigeon poop” tweet, among others. These case studies provided backing for our thesis on the importance of knowing your audience and platform, engaging your fans, and rapid social media response rates.

For M/H, this presented an enormous opportunity for us to showcase our unique take on framing and purpose behind social media posts and campaigns. From an agency perspective, it was an honor to host such high profile and respected international clients.  Our multi-lingual guests were huge fans of taking office selfies and scenery snapshots of our magnifique sky-high views of downtown SF.

May this be the beginning of a partnership that demonstrates our agency’s global reach and shows how our work consistently transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.

À bientôt, prochaine, nous irons à Paris!