It started out as a need for the “Daily Huddle.” But Chas decided any good process meeting needed a chuckle. We also had this here physical space for our huddles. Hence, the Chuckle Hut. Pretty effective. 

Of course, Chas then decided the Chuckle Hut needed bylaws. So if you want to start your own Chuckle Hut, s’pose you can borrow them… (WIP)

1. The Hut does not tolerate bitching or dumping on others. Leave your negativity at the door. I.E., comments like “Practice what you preach.”
2. No derailing. Focus on the subject at hand. 
3. Make progress during every Huttle, even if it is just a few baby steps. 
4. The Hut is not perfect and neither are you. Embrace it. Fellow Huttlers will not exploit your various shortcomings and weaknesses. 
5. No cross-talking. If you have something to say, wait your turn. 
6. Chuckling is not only welcome but highly encouraged. Sell a big campaign? Lose a game of magnet darts? Feel free to guffaw (or tee-hee) with reckless abandon. 
7. Should Hut culture fail a la Lord of the Flies, rest assured that Britt and Chas will regroup quickly and build a new Hut more powerful than you could imagine. 
7. Respect The Hut and The Hut will respect you. 
8. Yeah, we know they’re misnumbered and appreciate your attention to detail. You just may be Hut material after all.