Penny For Your Thoughts, Via Venmo

Ever needed to send a note to someone but not sure what to say or how to say it? Fret no more, the internet has solved all your problems. Okay, maybe one specific problem you may not have realized you even had, but hey, stop being so critical.

One Cent of Love, also known as, A Penny For Your Dollar, provides an intriguing service: you pay one dollar and an entrepreneurial wordsmith will compose and send a message, and one cent, to the recipient of your choice. 

Former roommate gets a promotion at work and you don’t know what to say? Pay $1 for Ben Porter to say it for you. It will arrive in the one place that any connected millennial is sure to look very quickly, Venmo. Who doesn’t want unexpected money on Venmo? Especially if that money is one cent and from a total stranger. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, Boss’s Day, have One Cent of Love help you out.