Anna Carnochan

Project Manager

Anna is a Capricorn, Gemini Rising and Sagittarius Moon. If this is meaningless to you, please let her know before she starts bombarding you with astrological memes; a shameless obsession that has now led her to become an avid follower of at least 12 astrological meme accounts on Instagram. She’s even considered starting her own, but can’t because she’s maxed out on IG accounts because every pet she’s had in the past 6 years living or dead has their own.

Where is she from, though?
She started out in LA, then moved to NY for high school and lived there through college and a few years after that; and then she moved back to LA for a year and then continued on with that pattern for what felt like eternity until she moved to Palm Desert in 2020 where she currently resides.

Likes: senior dogs, talking back to the neighborhood ravens, queer representation on TV, toast, skateboarding, taking photos of nothing in the desert.

Dislikes: how fast time goes, how slow time goes, not being able to ‘skip intro’ on Game of Thrones.