Ben Thomas

Associate Strategy Director

Ben is a Bay Area native…but that Bay was Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia. Rumors abound about his life “Down Under”, but no, he didn’t wrestle crocodiles in his spare time, or have a pet koala, or invent Vegemite.

He did, however, study Communications and Business at University, which included a brief stint at UC Santa Barbara, foreshadowing his move to San Francisco in early 2017. After graduating, he began his advertising career as digital planner and buyer - at that stage, he thought an impression was what he was making...but turns out it was a page view.

His endless curiosity about people, and how best to create connections with them, led him to becoming a Strategist where he has worked with clients of all sizes and industries, from tech startups to enterprise auto. He is now an Associate Strategy Director at MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER as part of (in his unbiased opinion) the best strategy team in the biz.

He shortens words a lot and uses colloquialisms that make little to no sense in the US. He calls it endearing, everyone else calls it confusing.