Charlotte Cooper

Senior Designer

Sapphire, lemon, amaranth, verdigris, amethyst, charcoal, citrine, cerise, mint, international orange: Charlotte defines herself by color. And lots of it.

Born in San Francisco, raised by an interior designer and a lawyer, she is both analytical and artistic. She firmly believes that a great designer is “a planner with an aesthetic sense” (quoth Bruno Munari). Charlotte is fascinated by how the mind and perception works, and holds a BA in Cognitive Science from Wellesley College (magna cum laude, nbd) and an MFA in Design from California College of the Arts, where her thesis on adornment, ornamentation and identity was advised by Martin Venezky.

At MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER, Charlotte has designed work for clients including Google, Netflix, Audi, the Golden State Warriors, Method, and more. She’s perpetually obsessed with pineapples, paper pages, phosphorescence, and other items that begin with the sixteenth letter of the alphabet.