Davielle Boon

Integrated Producer

Davielle "Dave" Boon produces things at work, sews hammocks for her pet rats and plays strategy board games in her free time. She isn't all that talkative initially but if you want to chat movies, art, travel, or animals - good luck getting her to shut up. What you need to know about Dave is that she was homeschooled until Jr. High. This will explain a lot once you meet her. People have described her as being "normal for a homeschooler" and "very approachable for a nerd"; she is proud to garner such verbal accolades.

Her resume rundown goes something like this: Dave studied at UC Berkeley and Cambridge University. She started her career at Paramount Pictures in feature animation and later went on to work in advertising at Intel, BarrettSF, Nurture Digital, and is now at MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER as an integrated producer. She also does voiceover professionally on the side. She enjoys the smell of petrichor and the taste of lao sa bao.