Ellis Braun

The Jock (Junior Varsity)

Ellis is a high school football player trapped in the body of a young chocolate Labrador Retriever. He’s got swagger, confidence, charm, and knows he’s handsome.

His playing field? The dog park. Ellis loves to chase, be chased, body slam, be body slammed, meet all of the humans, and splash in the water bowl at every given opportunity.

Those who know him outside of that hallowed chain link fence know he’s a big softy. He loves to nuzzle up in a lap for a nap. He’ll sit at anyone’s feet for a treat (or a belly-rub). And he wags his tail at the speed of an airplane propellor.

Ellis loves to learn, mostly when it involves food. But especially when it involves peanut butter.
Like his dad, Ellis doesn’t like to sit still. (These photos were impossible to capture.)