Frankie Negron

Senior Production Designer

Frankie grew up in Las Marías, a little mountain town in Puerto Rico, which is an island he is very proud of. He loves to visit his family there, spend a day on the beach and eat “arroz con gandules” (green pigeon peas). It’s not the same as rice and beans, ok?

His artistic side comes from his mother’s family. They all paint, draw and craft. Frankie picked up this hobby very young which led him to choose creative areas in school and in the university where he graduated with Magna Cum Laude in Art & Technology and Audiovisual Communications at University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus.

After a year out of college and working as a photography teacher, he felt he needed something more. He made the decision to leave his home country and go for a new adventure. In 2014, he moved to San Francisco to study Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts University. He is currently a Senior Production Designer at M/H working on various clients from Penn Mutual to Audi.

His passions are travels, photography, technology and beer tasting. A fun fact, he always wears a cap and has had his signature beard since 2015. His next adventure is going to travel through Europe in a camper van and collect stickers of National Parks.