Geoff Vreeken

Creative Director

Geoff grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, Canada. And, as you might expect, wrote and performed a rap song for his Grade 2 class. It did not go well. But he did enjoy the thrill of making something odd — and having the guts to put it out there.

This marked the end of his hip hop foray, but the beginning of a creative career that would eventually lead him to the hallowed halls of advertising. Geoff was part of Netflix’s “you gotta get it to get it” launch campaign that began in Canada, and crossed the border south due to popularity. Geoff soon followed.

His time in LA had him blowing the dust off the Lexus brand for a new generation. This took the form of giant slot cars, grand theft auto and one very fashionable chase through a hedge maze. He managed to convince Indian Motorcycle to let him make tattoo ink out of a motorcycle burnout, and then convince thousands of die-hard fans to then put it in their skin. No infections have been reported to date.

Geoff then came back up to Canada (if this sounds exhausting, it was) to run creative for Canada’s largest Telco and Internet provider, before coming back to California (not kidding) to join M/H. Here, he leads creative for both Audi and Klaviyo, where he’s always looking for a unique point of view. Be it moving at 200 mph, or simply curled up under a blanket.