Greggy Adriano

Senior Art Director

Every agency’s got a tough guy. That brute, muscle-bound enforcer. But that’s not Greggy. Greggy’s too nice. Come on, his name is Greggy. He’ll be happy to show you his ID to prove it to you.

Greggy was born and raised in the foggy streets of Daly City. His dad’s Name is Gregorio, his brothers name is Gregory and his sister’s name in Gillian! Luckily, he’s more creative than his parents.

Greggy brings his unphotoshoppable smile and infectious laugh to M/H. He’s worked on clients like AAA, Audi, the Nationals, Pokémon GO, Staples and f'real.

In his spare time Greggy loves to get lost in a good bookstore and spend time with his wife Jennifer, aka “The Bird.”