Ian Braun

Account Director

Ian grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where outside of violin lessons and hockey practice, very little happened. Eager for some commotion in his life, he spent his next thirteen years in Washington, DC, and New York City.

Before venturing west and joining M/H, Ian worked at Night Agency and Mission where he led social media & digital campaigns, product development initiatives, and branding projects.

Ian’s passion for advertising lies in the constant opportunity to solve different marketing challenges across a range of industries. Through his work with Kiehl’s, Penguin Random House, Dr. Seuss, Staples, Penn Mutual, and Niantic he’s been able to embrace that passion and deliver good, effective work along the way as an Account Director.


Ian loves: not sitting still (cycling, running, etc.), Philadelphia sports (sigh), his fiancée (Barrie), his goofy and devious chocolate Labrador Retriever (Ellis), dad humor (though not a dad himself), whiskey (Scotch, Bourbon) and apparently, parenthetical phrases.