Isaac Gayles

Community Strategist

Born in Oakland and raised in the Peninsula, Isaac swears by and loves everything about the Bay Area (except for some very odd reason he roots for that football team in Dallas). Growing up with 1 older brother, the household environment was highly competitive from a sports and academics standpoint. Regardless of the dozens of fights they got into, his brother always pushed him to try and be the best version of himself; Isaac owes a lot of his success to the mentorship his brother gave him growing up.

After attending high school in San Jose, Isaac decided to go to the University of Arizona where he discovered his love for social media while helping a close friend market his new clothing brand on Instagram. This newly found love for fashion and social media would lead to a career as a manager/strategist for various companies throughout California.

Prior to M/H, Isaac was contracting with a tattoo skincare company called Mad Rabbit. Prior to that position, he helped a close friend with her fashion startup where he wore several hats such as managing the Instagram page, conducting outreach for models and influencers, planning photoshoots, and assisting with the app design.

Aside from work, Isaac loves to play basketball or stay active in any sort of way. From time to time he gets bored with his hair color so you’ll see him spending a lot of time with his colorist (especially in the summer). He also does personal and virtual styling for his friends so if you need some help putting together some outfits make sure to hit him up!