Joe Cole

Senior Social Strategist

At MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER, Joe is a Senior Social Strategist. He describes what he does as reading things, thinking about them, and then writing about those thoughts. In his personal life, Joe is an artist; his preferred artistic mediums are stickers, acrylic drip, experiences, curation, gifting, glitter, words, fashion, flow art (mostly with parasols), and dancing — Joe likes to say he will never be out danced, but, occasionally, he will be outclassed. He'll tell you some of his biggest assets for both creating and strategy are his innovative sense, trend forecasting, and innate cool hunter senses.

He's passionate about events that combine music and art and culture and fashion, from Coachella to weekly concerts in the city to Burning Man. Joe is always looking for recommendations at the intersection of the aforementioned and has plenty of recos to offer himself. He also loves the outdoors, hot sauce, White Claws, political discourse, running, festival high fashion, cooking, and traveling, a habit which is greatly enabled thanks to his flight attendant sister — she is the coolest person he knows.

Joe is from Southern California originally. He is an alum of UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos) and lived within a few miles of the ocean from 2004 to 2017. After a brief interlude in Dallas (it wasn't that bad!), he's stoked to finally be back by the ocean in San Francisco, his original favorite big city.