Karolina Edgren

Art Director

Karolina grew up in Bjärred, a small town in south Sweden. She spent her childhood years making her own perfume (by mixing rose petals, water, and her mums expensive Chanel perfume), writing her own books (more appreciated than the perfume) and playing around with oil paint (luckily on canvas). Already back then she knew she wanted to work with something creative. After graduating high school, Karolina moved to Norway to study photography. She loved the camera as a tool but felt that she wanted to explore a broader spectrum of creativity. She, therefore, packed her things and moved to San Francisco to study advertising at the Academy of Art. That’s where she met Maiken. After three years in school, they graduated together and officially became a creative team at MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER, known as “The Swedes”.

One of Karolina's most serious struggles in life is her hard time saying no. Some may argue it went too far when a telemarketer made her agree to open a pension savings account when she was only 18 years old with no income. She later on she managed to release the money and went backpacking in South America for 2 months with the savings.

When Karolina is not creating in different forms she enjoys a good hike, listening to soul music or watching “shark attack-videos” on YouTube.