Laura Dickie

Art Director

From Atlanta by way of Texas, Laura Dickie initially studied to be an anesthesiologist but quickly found that the field put her to sleep (har har.) When she found herself questioning the user flow of patient sheets and critiquing color combinations around the hospital, it dawned on her that she was in the wrong field. She retired her scrubs and traded them in for a stylus upon enrolling at The Creative Circus (a surprisingly elite advertising school.)

In the past, Laura has worked on brands like Kraft,, Infiniti, Dominos, YouTube, Microsoft and Google. Currently, she works on Audi, Purplebricks, and a bunch of other secret stuff she’s not allowed to talk about. In the future, she’ll probably work with otters.

Outside of the office, Laura has a pretty cool life. She enjoys elderly fashion (comfort is key) and the Iggy Pop/Debbie Harry collaboration aesthetic. She believes there’s not a bad day that can’t be remedied by a good Soul Train video. Or otters.