Leena Annamraju

Analytic Strategist

Leena was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She found a love for numbers when her parents forced her into math tutoring as a child after yelling out “I hate math!” at the dinner table, which she quickly learned is a cardinal sin in any Indian-American household. Her disdain for math eventually turned into an appreciation for it being the same in every culture and language, which ultimately led her to study Statistics at the University of Georgia.

She began her career in advertising at a digital agency, where she developed measurement strategy and insights for clients across industries including e-commerce, automotive, and interior design. Prior to M/H, Leena also worked at CNN and specialized in research and analytics within the digital media space.

When not delving into metrics, Leena can be found practicing Pilates on what looks like a medieval torture device (known as a reformer), spouting off True Crime theories to anyone who will listen, or fueling her online shopping addiction.