Margery Alaga-Goldstein

Miss Congeniality

Margery Alaga-Goldstein, affectionately known as Maggie May, was rescued by M/H producer Lexi Alaga in 2019 after being displaced by the Napa fires.

Once a smol girl, Maggie’s size – and popularity – have grown exponentially since she relocated to San Francisco, often being mistaken for a cow on daily walks through Golden Gate Park. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in gopher holes, she can be found licking faces, tripping over her own legs or not listening to Lexi’s commands.

And while Maggie isn’t likely to make the track team – it’s a rare sight to see her break a slow trot – she was voted Miss Congeniality in puppy school pageant and is well on her way to being a certified emotional support dog.