Melissa Santiago

Senior Social Media Strategist

Melissa hails from the "other" Sunshine State, Florida, with a brief stop in Los Angeles, where she never learned to ‘play it cool’ when she met people like Spike Jonez at parties. Prior to her arrival in California, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Florida State University.

She has been fascinated with social media since its first incarnation in 1997 when her typing skills were remarkably improved by endless chat binges on AOL Instant Messenger. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida State University and began work as a commercial photographer immediately after. She eventually managed to wrangle all of her social media prowess into getting paid to represent brands online (much to her mother’s surprise, who still asks, "what is a twitter?”).

Melissa is a formally trained photographer but her social media career began with managing banner ads for a magazine website, she moved on to creating social media accounts for a small photography business, and is currently with MUH-TAY-ZIK |HOF-FER as Senior Social Media Strategist where she has worked on globally recognized brands -- Netflix, Audi, method Home, Lyft, Hulu, and more.