Mike Gallagher

Associate Creative Director

Dumpster divers, roller coasters, border cops, bone artists, mobile home liquidators, lion/tiger hybrids, the entire state of Idaho, a hamster on a piano, and a Mormon murder mystery. Those are just a few of the topics Mike covered in the “factual TV” world.

But after years of making the stuff you watch between ads, Mike decided to switch it up and actually make the ads themselves. He began his career at EVB where he worked on a bunch of projects for both two-legged and four-legged animals. Thrilled to be at M/H, he's worked on Netflix, AAA, Audi, Staples and Intel.

A former co-worker once described Mike as “so normal, he’s weird.” In his spare time he enjoys just generally chilling out and/or relaxing to the max. He enjoys a good coffee and a good book, maybe even at the same time if he’s feeling wild.

His favorite restaurant is Fuddrucker’s.