Naomi Duckworth

Associate Creative Director

Naomi is happiest when she’s making things. Second to that, she enjoys thinking about things she wants to make in the future. Occasionally, she can be found thinking about things she has already made.

Things she has already made include ads (or whatever they’re called these days) for brands like Wild Turkey, EA Games, Levi’s, and USGA. Many of these things have garnered attention from people who hand out shiny objects and fake internet points, such as the Clios, Ad Age, the Addys, and Graphis. As an Associate Creative Director at M/H, Naomi makes things for clients such as Staples, Albertsons, and Pokémon GO.

In her free time, Naomi enjoys starting knitting projects (and sometimes finishing them), cooking meals her daughter won’t eat, and exploring the Hill Country surrounding Austin, Texas, where she lives.