Nina Brewster

Production Designer

Nina spent her formative years in New York, where the city instilled in her a lifelong love of black clothing and an inability to sleep without the serene sounds of sirens and honking.

She went to the University of Michigan to study painting and photography, and now enjoys making large image transfers in her free time. Nina religiously goes to the SF MoMA, giving free tours to anyone interested in snagging her guest pass. She often thinks that if the internet didn't exist, she would be in a studio painting every day (Why isn't she doing this now? Good question.)

Halfway through school she took a one year hiatus to work at a startup in LA to escape the Michigan winter, and better appreciate academia. Nina used to love running, but switched to yoga after one half-marathon.

Now that she is in San Francisco she is trying really hard to love the outdoors, and is practicing keeping her elbows to herself on the Bart escalator on her way to work as the Production Designer at MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER.

Outside of art, she's passionate about skiing and oat milk.