Ollie Wilkins

Resident Goodest Bad Boi

If Ollie got a lower back tattoo, it would read: “99% Devil, 1% Angel.”

Hailing from the literal streets, Ollie is a bit of a bad boi. He’s banned from most public spaces, and known for hating almost everything in this human world except for his mom, Kelsey. A natural born rule breaker, you can typically find him stealing food, mastering Houdini-esque escape tricks, consuming San Francisco street rats, and barking at every dog, skateboard, and/or general nuisance within 500 feet.

Yet, aside from his dark past and rebellious tendencies, once you gain his trust, he will love you unconditionally, protect you at all costs, and stare at you with those creepy, beady little eyes and whisper: “give me moar cheese plz.”