Patrick Gulliford

Account Supervisor

Patrick’s born and raised in Derby (DAR-BY), England but has been living in America since 2008. His zig-zagged path saw him graduating from Portland State University in 2014 with a Business Marketing degree, and also being a commence speaker at the graduation ceremony.

A self proclaimed “nerdy student” of advertising (weirdly, from a very early age), this industry was always a magnet to him, and calling him to enter into the fray of advertising & marketing was only a matter of time. From Patrick’s perspective, everything that Account Management is, is perfectly captured in the aerial photograph of Muhammad Ali celebrating having just knocked out Cleveland Williams (look it up). He joins M/H as an Account Supervisor.

When he’s not playing/watching football (I think they call it soccer over here), reading, or trying to play golf, Patrick loves taking 35mm photographs, and on rare occasions thinks he’s a “photographer”.