Pete Fetterling


Pete grew up smack dab in the middle of the country in Kansas City (the Kansas side if you’re familiar). Naturally, his childhood was filled with sports, suburban shenanigans and plenty of barbecue.

After graduating from the University of Kansas, life took a series of twists and turns that led him to a jaguar research project in Costa Rica, a brief stint at law school in Denver and eventually Atlanta, where he attended the Creative Circus and met his lovely wife, Kate.

Before joining M/H, Pete was a copywriter at Mekanism for brands like Sling TV, Charles Schwab, Weber Grills, HBO, Alaska Airlines and DripDrop.

When he’s not on the clock, you can find him doing some pretty cool things like making waffles on Saturday mornings, driving 5-7 miles an hour over the speed limit and maintaining his status as his niece’s favorite (and only) uncle.