Taylor Dahl

Art Director

Taylor hails from the dry desert oasis of Phoenix, AZ. The general lack of precipitation during his childhood inspired him to write a poem titled ‘Rain’ at the age of 7. He submitted the poem to a district-wide poetry contest and took 1st place. After reaching such a pinnacle, Taylor decided he was done with words and instead pursued a more visual medium to fulfill his creativity.

When he’s not designing, illustrating, or exploring some other form of art, he enjoys film photography, traveling the world, and spending time with his wife.

He attended Brigham Young University where he joined the BYU Adlab, gaining many creative skills to prepare him for the advertising industry. While there, he also purchased an RV with his roommates for $500. It was a piece of junk.

Taylor joined M/H in the winter of 2019 as an art director.