Trevor Larson


Trevor grew up moving all over the western United States until his family finally landed in Reno, Nevada where he graduated high school. It was from constantly being the new kid on the block that Trevor found a passion for creativity. From always meeting new people, playing sports, exploring the mountains of Tahoe, and racking up noise complaints from his various garage bands spawned his desire to connect with people, share ideas, and tell compelling stories.

After starting his college career in Hawaii, he transferred to Brigham Young University in Utah where he joined the BYU Adlab. As a student he created work for brands such as Nike, Amazon, Beats by Dre, and JBL.

Trevor joined M/H in the spring of 2020 as a copywriter just after finishing school at BYU as a proud member of the graduating class of “COVID-19.”

When he’s not lost ideating for brands you can find Trevor lost outside attempting to ride anything in the shape of a board, and still getting the occasional noise complaint.