Wilson Aquino

The Catcher

Wilson hails from Santa Cruz, CA where she was ultimately united with her dog parents, Katy and Javan in 2016. After months of trying to tell them “I need to run to release energy!” by chewing on everything within her sight, they finally got the message and introduced her to chasing balls. That began her ball obsession which has gotten her into trouble at the dog park because she will take down any dog who attempts to chase the ball with her. This behavior has led to many time-outs.

Her other loves include her Hedgie, Octo, squeeky football, freshly grated cheddar cheese (none of the pre-grated stuff), popcorn and turkey. Wilson enjoys napping with her legs sticking straight up into the air, cuddling with her Grandma, and receiving loving attention from her favorite cousin, Jillie (they are best friends fur-ever).