P&G Tells Digital to Clean Up, Lays Down New Rules

by Maureen Morrison

Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser, on Monday laid down the law with digital media properties and agencies through a five-point program that it plans on executing this year.

That plan is an effort to get a clearer picture of the digital supply chain and includes a thorough “review of all media-agency contracts, plus requirements that everyone use industry-standard viewability metrics, fraud protection and third-party verification,” according to Ad Age.

P&G’s top marketer Marc Pritchard at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting urged the rest of the industry to follow his lead. P&G doesn’t “want to waste time and money on a crappy media supply chain,” he said.unnamed-15He also said P&G promised to no longer pay for any digital media, ad tech companies, agencies or other suppliers for services that don’t comply with its new rules.

This all comes, of course, as clients have become increasingly concerned about the┬átransparency of not just media agencies, but the online ad buying process in general — the latter of which came into the spotlight recently with the proliferation of “fake news” around the election. The fake news crisis caught several marketers off guard because they weren’t aware their ads were being placed on hyperpartisan sites as well as flat-out fake news sites, a situation that is all too common with many marketers who prefer to take a hands-off approach to online media.