Pokemon Go Tries To Lure Users Back


Remember the Pokemon Go craze? Well, it passed and now the game’s creator, Niantic, is trying to lure users back to the AR game.

At its peak in early August, Pokemon Go had over 10 million users a day, according to mobile data intelligence site Mobile Action.

The DAU numbers are now a single digit percentage of the early figures as seen in this chart.

Getting users back will be hard. 

Around Halloween, Pokémon ran its first promotion, making “spooky” creatures more prominent and increasing the reward for catching all the Pokémon. The company has also added other incentives, including bonuses for those who play each day. Most of these features are looked at as standard throughout the mobile gaming world.

It’s a classic story of too much success too early. Most of Niantic’s resources needed to be focused on keeping the game running early on due to the massive popularity. This prevented them from building new features and game elements to keep users engaged.

All the more reason Snapchat’s Spectacles rollout is smart. Keep initial scale small. Test and learn.