A Few Can-Can Doers Join M/H

Paul Domingo is Cuban, but also from Tennessee, making him the most un-Tennessean Tennessean ever, probably. He also don’t really drink a lot of coffee, which makes him the most un-Cuban Cuban ever, probably. He recently graduated from Creative Circus in Atlanta and joins M/H as an art director for SoFi.

Reilly Schlitt is a copywriter joining us after two years at the Creative Circus. Growing up in Seattle, he spent the days it didn’t rain skateboarding and the days it did playing video games and reading comics. He now does all of the above whenever he isn’t working.

Robby Inch grew up in the East Bay in a small town called Piedmont and went to college at Santa Clara University. He is willing to accept judgment from people who think he never ventured outside his comfort zone because he likes it here (we do too, Robby). He joins M/H as an assistant account manager. Other things he likes include: mountains, sports, traveling, a good sword fight scene, and that feeling when you nail your karaoke song.

Erica Lovelace joins M/H as an account manager for Zoosk and New Amsterdam and was previously an account manager at TBWA. She hails from Jacksonville, Florida - DUVAL! Her hobbies include Netflix & chill, college football (Go Noles!), cooking and hiking. She also needs taste testers for any new baked goodies she brings to the office…

Welcome to these four (and their fancy footwork)!