Meet M/H’s Newest Lineup

Marisa Buss joins M/H as a Group Account Director. She started her career in advertising in LA and has worked at a lot of creative-driven agencies in SF, including mono, Pereira & O'Dell, Venables Bell and BSSP. She was born and raised in SF -- four blocks away from her last apartment, 5 blocks away from where her dad lived when he met her mom and 10 blocks from where she lived at the time.  Marisa loves weekend day trips, wine tasting in Healdsburg and baking. Tahoe is her happy place and the coolest place (literally) that she's ever visited was Iceland.

Sydney McDermott grew up in the East Bay and went to school in Northern California at CSU Chico. She joins the M/H team as an associate media strategist. She’s brand new to media/agency life and is excited for all that is to come. Outside of work, Sydney loves to explore new places, watch the Warriors win, and find new shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Paul Feldman grew up in a Chicago suburb and is the proud father of a four legged son named Chancho. After teaching English in South Korea for three years, Paul studied art direction at Chicago Portfolio School. He's now settled in at M/H as an art director. In his free time, he enjoys recording music, making short films, and collecting old video games.

Kaitlin Doering is our very first HR Manager coming most recently from DDB SF, before that FCB, and before that Deutsch LA (where she got her start in advertising). Kaitlin, too, was born and raised in Bay Area and currently lives in Alameda where she grew up. She graduated from UCLA where she was a 4 year NCAA rowing athlete. These days Kaitlin's hobbies include SoulCycle, Napa and wine tasting, interior decorating, fixing her boyfriend's fashion sense, finding new ways to utilize avocados in any food, and stalking dog Instagram accounts (join the club, Kaitlin).

Judd Manuel is the newest member of our accounting team. He was born and spent his childhood in the Philippines, but moved to the Bay at 10 years old, so this is home now. Judd realized early on that he can math and didn't mind numbers (you're alone on that one), so he took up accounting at SFSU and worked for a CPA/accounting firm at the same time. After graduation, he left and explored South East Asia for 4 months before landing at M/H. He's always down to try new things, especially food. He also knows how to cook, loves exploring, sports, music, and snowboarding.

Abby Steele has been with us for a while, but is now officially an admin assistant - she helps us make this place run smoothly. From teaching to advertising and Indiana to California, who wouldn't be happy about life? Abby is proud to be a Hoosier, "She grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights." She loves all physically active challenges including Tough Mudders, biking, climbing, running, and triathlons. She's still searching for the best SF pizza that can top Turoni's in her hometown, so shoot her your suggestions ([email protected]).

Kyle Johnson comes to M/H as an art director from Mullen Lowe in Boston. He says it was too cold there (hope you're not expecting SoCal summers, Kyle, because June-August here is BRRR). He's a big fan of craft beer and spicy foods, and is excited to try some new west coast beers, so send your recommendations his way. When he's not advertising, he's skateboarding, exploring the city, petting his cats, or playing games on a computer he built himself.

Kelly Lundy is an SF native who recently moved back from LA, where she was working on scripted series for MTV. Now, she is switching gears and helping at M/H as a creative services coordinator. Her favorite celebrity run-in was when Paris Hilton ate a tuna sandwich from a vending machine during a pitch. When she isn’t playing with her unruly Labradors Cody and Max you can find her yelling at the TV during Jeopardy, run-walk-wheezing at Crissy Field, or wine tasting in Napa (or in her kitchen). She went to Cal, so try to avoid wearing red around her.

Tory Levine-Hall joins us from the healthcare sector, having worked as a healthcare data analyst for the University of California, Office of the President and Milliman, Inc. His data insights and analytics experience comes from analyzing Medicare/Medicaid, community health organization, and various healthcare plan data. Outside of work, Tory plays music in a band, travels, and intensely lounges.

Warm welcome to all of the new faces around the office!