One Madam and MAdam: M/H’s Freshest Three

Kathryn Macleod joins us from a media agency in Newport Beach where she worked on the UnitedHealthcare account. She decided to move north to the better half of California where she works at M/H as assistant account manager for Audi. Her interests include jewelry making and she really loves picnics (and she’s single, so boys get your cheese plates and wicker baskets out of storage).

Mike Gallagher is a copywriter who comes to us from EVB in Oakland where he worked on a bunch of projects for both two-legged and four-legged animals. In his spare time he enjoys just generally chilling out and/or relaxing to the max. He enjoys a good coffee and a good book, maybe even at the same time if he’s feeling wild.

Adam Zash also crossed the bridge from Oakland EVB to join us at M/H. He’s originally from Oregon. No, not Portland, though he agrees it’s a beautiful city.  When he’s not art directing he likes to explore the city with his lovely lady and their beagle, try new and exciting beers, and eat near reckless amounts of burritos.

Welcome to all three of our newest fresh faces!