Three More Twirl into M/H

Arthi Veeraragavan has lived in Montreal (where she was born), and New Orleans, but primarily grew up outside of Boston. She moved to San Francisco almost 5 years ago to work at Goodby, Silverstein + Partners. She love lipstick, running, and making candles. Now at MTZHF, Arthi is excited to help dig into all things measurement for our clients.

Sarah Anderson is from a small town in southwestern Virginia, but not West Virginia. Like the population is maybe a thousand people and we still don’t have a stoplight. Before joining M/H as a copywriter for Audi, Sarah worked as a bartender in Atlanta for 10 years and a copywriter at GS&P for 3 1/2 years. She loves cowboy boots, heshers, 90s emo, doom metal and Jeff Goldblum.

Tala Najafi joins the M/H recruiting team from Eleven Inc. She was born and raised in the East Bay aside from a one-year stint in Austin, Texas. When she's not working she likes playing outside,  going to shows, and taking her mini-lop, Jimmy, to the park. She also got a brown belt in karate in the sixth grade, so don't mess with her.

Welcome to these three ladies!