Report: Facebook Advertising – 5 Factors That Could Slow Growth

Since launching the News Feed in 2012, Facebook has become one of the most powerful companies on the planet and posts billions in profits every quarter.

Facebook is expected to bring in $36.29 billion in worldwide ad revenues this year, up 35.0% from 2016.

However, analysts see slowing growth on the horizon. In a recent report, eMarketer outlines 5 factors that could slow Facebook’s dominance:

  1. The News Feed is aging and is close to max ad capacity. Next big format is needed.
  2. Users’ engagement and happiness are in question. How will Facebook turn around the quality of the experience?
  3. Facebook’s video ad strategy not yet working for advertisers.
  4. Measurement inaccuracies and a walled garden approach to sharing data.
  5. Brand safety concerns.

Check out the full report here.