Reports: Retail 2017 Trends and Report Pack

A new pack of reports covering the latest trends and analysis for retail eCommerce is out from eMarketer.

6 key topics are covered, each with their own report:

  1. Voice assistants & chatbots: Consumer adoption and advances are opening up new sales channels. Get the Conversational Commerce Report here.
  2. Increased need for visuals: How image recognition and augmentation are changing retail. Get the Visual Commerce Report here.
  3. Personalization: How retailers are tackling the personalization hurdles of eCommerce. Get the Personalization in Retail Report here.
  4. Worldwide Retail & eCommerce Sales: eMarkerter’s estimates through 2021. Get the Worldwide Retail and eCommerce Sales Report here.
  5. US Marketer & Consumer Trends: A visual overview of omnichannel retailing trends. Get the US Omnichannel Retail Report here.
  6. eCommerce Digital Ad Spending: A visual overview of updated eMarketer forecasts and data from third-party sources. Get the Digital Ad Spending Report here.