Snap Inc. Launches Spectacles Using Vending Machines


Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) launched it’s first hardware product this week, Spectacles.

Spectacles are essentially sunglasses with a camera. There’s a button on the top of the sunglasses that will start recording the Snap and a light to show others when you are recording.

The Spectacles connect to your phone via Bluetooth. When you record a Snap it saves to Snap Memories to be edited and posted when the user chooses. The Spectacles also come with a carrying case that acts as a charger. 

The Spectacles sell for $130 and are only being sold via custom vending machines called Snapbots. The Snapbot started at Snap HQ in Venice BeachBig Sur, Tulsa, OK, and in Santa Monica. 

Follow this site to see where the Snapbot will be next.