Snapchat Officially Launches Self-Serve Ad Manager


Facing pressure to drive greater revenue after going public, Snapchat has officially launched its self-serve ad buying platform called Ad Manager.

Ad Manager will allow advertisers to buy, manage, optimize, and view analytics for their efforts. Advertisers can also now pay via US credit card instead of getting a credit line through a Snapchat account representative. There won’t be a minimum spend so advertisers can spend $10 or $10,000.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, prices will be set via auction and will include all of Snapchat’s ad formats and targeting capabilities. Users can manage ad creative assets within the tool and have ads reviewed by Snap for quality before they appear.

Snapchat’s Ad Manager should help in the fight against Facebook who currently is dominating. Snapchat’s Q1 revenue was just under $150 million. Facebook’s Q1 revenue, by comparison, was over $8 billion.