Sunnier Side Of The Home Office – August 26, 2020

"I'd like to see them. Are they good or bad?"

- Donald Trump when asked if he has seen comedian and internet sensation Sarah Cooper's parodies of him. He probably won't view them on TikTok.

Hi Facebook, Can You Create A Viral Dance?
By: Sergio Saucedo

Imagine there was an AI that could help you to create a new viral dance like the “Renegade” or the “Woah”. Well, that’s exactly what Facebook has just created. The social media giant, recently announced that their team has developed a new AI that can choreograph unique dance moves for any song. 

Facebook has stated that this new development is intended to help dancers and choreographers come up with new routines. However, with all the recent additions that Facebook has made to hinder Tik Tok’s growth, for example, the launch of Reels and the adoption of hashtag trends. It’s plausible that Facebook is hoping that this new AI could help them to tap into the viral dance craze which has spearheaded Tik Tok’s growth as of late. 

If Facebook is able to fine-tune the tool to find a balance between creativity and novelty they may have a powerful viral dance generator in their hands that could potentially help the brand attract a younger generation of users.

Brands Back to Influencer Marketing
By: Ben Thomas 

Not even the most astute media analyst could have predicted the wild swings in ad spend at the beginning of this year. We’ve seen OOH and experiential spend plummet, niche digital platforms become places for brands to reach mass audiences, and the often self-indulgent lives seen in influencer marketing become tone deaf.

But the latter is showing signs of recovery. According to a Shareablee report, branded content from influencer marketing was up 21% in July from March, with engagement rates outpacing the increase in the amount of content posted. The rebound of influencer ad spend could be due to a number of factors: large, social-distanced productions are still a challenge or impossibility, ad spend from channels like OOH and experiential are being redirected to influencer marketing, the ability of influencers to target brands’ niche audiences more effectively. Or maybe it’s intimacy and connection influencers have with their fans – even if they’re selling something – that people are craving during an isolating year.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t look like the influencer bubble is going to burst yet. Just don’t throw a party

Pinterest Builds Toward A More Inclusive Future
By: Megan Ross

As the illustrious Dolly Parton stated last week: “I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen.” Thankfully, Pinterest agrees, and unveiled new visual skin tone technology — yet another step toward the platform becoming a more inclusive space for all. We LOVE to see it! 

This new tech, which includes more skin tone ranges, helps Pinners (400M+ a month) get better, more inclusive search recommendations within the platform. This adds to Pinterest’s previous 2020 inclusivity initiative, the TryOn AR lens, which lets users of all skin tones try on makeup before they buy it. 

Pinners go to the platform to feel inspired — and Pinterest continues to take action to be a positive space for all. They banned political ads back in 2018, and cracked down big time on COVID-19 misinformation earlier this year (only allowing news from the CDC and WHO).

In short, we stan.

Doctors are warning that cancers are going undiagnosed amid COVID-19 pandemic. A new study finds that there was a 46% decrease in diagnosis of the six common cancer types, which include breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric and esophageal cancers. Good reminder to be your own health advocate and not to wait if you feel off or see changes in your body.