Sunnier Side Of The Home Office – July 29, 2020

"I love you Britney we’re gonna get u out.”

- A Britney Spears fan supporting the online campaign calling for the end of Britney Spears' conservatorship. Some believe she's sending SOS messages to supporters in coded social media posts. The tag #FreeBritney has roughly 140 million views on TikTok, and 104,000 posts on Instagram.

A Shift Towards Prioritizing Wellness and Self-Care
By: Sergio Saucedo

The beginning of quarantine for many of us was filled with experimentation, especially when it came to food. Let’s not forget that as a nation we all tried to make a perfectly whipped dalgona coffee or the fan-favorite banana bread. But, four months after the fact, it appears that people are starting to prioritize something that can easily be overlooked, mental health. 

In a recent study conducted by Pinterest, they unveiled that as a result of the new life stressors being imposed by CV-19, their platform has seen a huge increase in the number of searches pertaining to wellbeing and self-care. In fact, Pinterest claims that they have seen the highest volume of searches ever seen on their platform pertaining to mental wellness ideas. Some notable search trends that saw a rise in popularity in the last couple of months include mediation (+44%), gratitude (+60%), and positivity (+42%).

CV-19 shifted many of our priorities, in certain cases for the better. Based on these new trends it appears that many people are making the change to refocus on what really matters---themselves.  

Live Streaming Surprise on Omegle
By: Ben Thomas

When shelter in place restricted real-life socializing, we collectively looked online for ways to replace what we were missing. Zoom happy hours, Twitch concerts, virtual trivia nights. You name it, we tried it.

But we’re months in now, and the new and novel has become less…novel. As people search for something to add excitement to the monotony of another day spent indoors, new platforms are gaining popularity. For example, Omegle, a site that randomly pairs users via video and text chat, has had a huge spike in usage, especially amongst Gen Z. It’s also become popular with TikTok and YouTube influencers, with chance meetings between influencers and their fans on Omegle becoming a viral video trend.

In a time when every day feels like Groundhog day, the randomness of the Omegle pairings is what has made it popular; it’s a proxy for the serendipitous meetings people might have had at a bar, event or a party before COVID. And whether or not Omegle’s popularity quickly wanes (safety of its young users is a big concern), the underlying need for surprise and connection will persist until the pandemic is over.

How COVID Might Affect Your Black Friday Dash
By: Emily Menken

The consumer experience has been altered by coronavirus protection measures. Many retailers have shifted from brick and mortar to online-only, forcing owners to adapt their digital storefronts. The future of retail has pivoted. Per CNBC, “The number of orders placed online and picked up at bricks-and-mortar stores by customers surged 208% between April 1 and April 20 compared with a year ago”. In June 2019, online sales were at $41.5B -- in June 2020, online sales reached $73.2B.

The shopping experience renaissance is officially hitting major corporations in a lasting way: Target, Walmart, Best Buy and other heavy-hitters are closing on Thanksgiving Day, ending a tradition of jump-starting Black Friday sales on the holiday. 

“To meet our customers’ changing lives this holiday, we’re enhancing the way we fulfill orders, from offering more convenient pickup options at our stores to making sure orders arrive at the right time. We’re also going to start offering some of the hottest deals of the season earlier than ever, to make it even easier for our customers to check off their gift lists”, reads Best Buy’s corporate statement

While we might attribute part of this change to Covid-19 safety measures -- avoiding large groups, particular in indoor spaces -- it could also be an acknowledgment of shifting consumer behavior and desire. In 2020, consumers expect a robust online retail space.

Tech-savvy chains will survive the pandemic; for example, although Nike closed stores early during the pandemic, the brand dropped their subscription fee to Nike Training Club Premium service, which provides streaming workout videos and training to fans. In China, weekly active users of the app rose by 80% -- driving consumers to purchase new workout gear and driving digital sales up by 30%. Essentially, “a spike usage for its workout app translated into higher online sales”. Nike tapped into the consumer desire to workout at home - safe inside - which the brand emphasized with the brand line “Play inside, play for the world.”

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