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Audi Launches Next Round of “Think Faster” with David Chang, Liza Koshy

We’re thrilled to announce that once again we are partnering with Audi and Reddit on “Think Faster,” the world’s fastest Ask Me Anything.

You may recall we launched “Think Faster” back in September is a live episodic content series that features culture’s biggest names as they answer questions submitted via Reddit. Our guests for the first four episodes were Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Issa Rae and Olivia Munn. This week we’re hosting luminaries that didn’t come from traditional Hollywood backgrounds, but nonetheless have big followings: restaurateur and entrepreneur David Chang (most recently creator of Netflix’s “Ugly Delicious”) and YouTuber Liza Koshy.

Read more about this week’s episodes in Digiday and The Drum. And catch it live Thursday, May 24 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. PT on Audi’s Reddit profile.

Amazon To Test Off-Site Display Ads

By Ben Shapiro

Amazon is launching a new display ad offering, according to Bloomberg. The offering will let brands selling on Amazon bid on ads that appear on other websites and apps. The ads will primarily be used for retargeting consumers who have viewed a merchant’s products or similar ones on Amazon. The goal behind the placements will be to drive traffic back to the merchant’s page on Amazon.

Amazon currently sells advertising on their web and mobile properties in the form of sponsored products, headline search ads, and product display ads. This new offering will be the first time Amazon will sell placements that will appear outside of their owned properties.

For brands selling on Amazon, the new placement offers an opportunity to expand reach and impact. Brands could always target ads on Amazon based on past shopper behavior, but this ability is now extended beyond the e-commerce site itself. Utilizing Amazon data, brands will be able to target consumers who have demonstrated an interest in their products or similar ones all over the web.

For Amazon itself, the move will likely increase site traffic and drive more impact for brands.

Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Mute Accounts Without Unfollowing Them

Instagram is planning to roll out a feature that lets users mute accounts, while also allowing the ability to still follow those muted accounts.

From Adweek: “The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said this feature—which it aims to roll out ‘in the coming weeks’—will make it easier for users to personalize their feeds, adding, ‘We’ve also heard it may be a useful tool for managing complex social dynamics.’”

For everyone, including brands, the move has potential to reduce organic reach if an account is muted by a large number of followers. It’s also a reminder to post content that’s fitting for the platform and to develop a posting cadence that won’t overwhelm users’ feeds.

This Week In Social: I Can Show You the Dogs

By Melissa Santiago

The devious data usage problem with Facebook is kind of a bummer, to put it lightly, but there is a bright side to the internet. We can look back to a simpler time online. An ancient internet artifact, a cornerstone of social media with the ability to unite groups of people and soften the hardest of souls with a collective, “aaaawwwwwww.” The great uniter: dogs.

With some help from his mom, a 9-year-old named Gideon has found a way to combine the pure unbridled joy of childlike wonder and cute dogs into one Twitter account called, @IvePetThatDog. He takes a picture with each dog he meets and tells his followers a little about the dog. There’s no internet dog lingo, cleverness or snark. Just a 9-year-old boy who loves dogs.

In an interview with Vice, Gideon simply stated his goal with his Twitter account: “I wanted to show the public about all of the dogs. I wanted to show everybody all of the dogs in the world.”

Congrats, Gideon, on petting your 300th dog and if you’re looking for an internship,